Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Layouts done last week

For vissual Creation contest.

Using 3BIAR Kit I bought during our scrapfest from Memory Lane

Grow-this is my nephew - I used BG Melow and Recess bought from Scrapbukan EB anniversary

Gift to my officemate done in the office.

Here are the LO I have finished last week, towards Saturday, I was free Sunday coz, my hubby and I brought our children to Robinson to experience Trick or Treat there, we enjoy for the sake of our children na lng hehehe.

Here are the LOs'

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

LO of hanna at 1month old

This is actually for Kaya 6 entry but I was not satisfied with the half finished LO, so I decided to change it and use my embelishments and other stuff, it turn out this way. At least I was able to make one for my daughter when she was just one month old. TFL!


This is my 2nd entry in the BG Challenge in MLA ,though the picture I uploaded did not turn out well, but still okay for me, I got already my prize - my daughters lovely eyes! TFL!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lasting Impressions Entries

These are the entries I made for Lasting Impressions-my two lovely daughters: Mj and Hannah! I actually challenged myself to used for PPS using 3 different manufacturers. But the challenge was called for to use to Piggy Tales PPS- and I have these LOs'.

Title: The Look (Mj subject)

Journaling: You love to have your pictures taken.

You try hard to take a pose and we

call it "The Look!"

Title: Smile with A Plus (Hannah subject)

Journaling: Hannah you were so beautiful on the picture

Your smile captured our hearts...

With a Plus!

Thanks for your time!

I'm blessed

Yesterday I'm so happy and feel so blessed with all the things that unfolds before me at the start of my day. Later I will write here what was it, the next was actually the best- I was a victim of this modus-operandi of lossing ones wallet and using my credit cards fraudulently, last June 20, 2007. I appealed and submitted complains to those banks and yesterday one of those bank called me up- and they told me they will be happy to reverse the transactions including the late and finance charges. Though this particular card - the thief spent only P3,360 worth of wine - kaya maliit lang, nonetheless, its still a blessing! Im still awaiting for the other one, this Oct. 24 the amount that was used was to the tune of P22,499.75-positively I believe- it will turnout to my advantage since theres already a precursor to that effect. The last one was an addition for an extra-income for me - yeheey - I was asked for a retainer basis to handle their books of accounts (I'm a CPA by profession), gladly even if the offer was quite small compared to what I used to ask- I said yes -okay na rin to-pang tustos sa addictions ko LOL! So that simple blessings I got yesterday really made my day, kahit medyo nasabon me during our Executive Meeting with the BOSS- hehehe- I dont mind at all- coz I'm Bless!

It's nice to feel and be thankful to whatever blessing we have- just to share you this text I just received this morning:

1. Ants never sleep;
2. Pigs cant raise their heads to look at the sky;
3. Butterflies only live for seven days!

See, you have 3 more reasons to be thankful for today. Being something always has its ups and downs. Just remember, while your complainig about your situation, someone maybe wishing he/she was in your place. So be thankful and count your blessings.

Good day! Thanks for your time!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Simple Scrapbook from bookoto and my freebies

I was so excited to see my scrapbook mags, which I subscribe from bookoto. I actually sad about my AMM and CK subscriptions which I made last June 2007, to date I did not receive any yet. If only I've known bookoto do the same offer with less waiting I could have ordered. Anyway I subscribe to them the Simple Scrapbooks issues and got too many freebies to go with it. Sobrang saya ko, kasi I was actually longing for those during the last Scrapfest, buti nlng with the generosity of Ms. Julie and Ms.Sheryl I got this.

Thank you so much and here are they...

My Kaya 6 Entry

Here's a LO that I entered in PS Kaya 6 Challenge, the requirement is to use purely Card Stock. Actually, my eldest daughter pick the pictures coz she noticed that all my challenge LO were her sister's. After finishing the LO she wanted to bring it in her school to show off particulary to her teacher whom she fondly called Teacher Arlene. She handed me another pictures of her on her school uniform and ask me to prepare another LO of her... Here's the LO-

My MLA Entry BG LO with 4 pix

This LO was submitted for MLA Challenge, I used 4 pictures of Hannah here, all of which were taken at the same time. I sued BG papers, my base is Lollipop Shoppe Wild Cherry, I handcut flowers from BG Stela Ruby Tea with Jane and use BG Ashburry Street for my photo mat, again I just similar design and insert it as border to my photos. I'm still studying my adobe photoshop and this was the outcome.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Ist Kit from AMM

I was so happy to know that my kit from AMM just arrived. I was too excited to open it and to play with it.

The announcement for the Idol

After all the challenges winner were called and some more raffle prizes that I did not get a chance to be called- the idol finalist were called up, one by one. I cant imagined the mix emotions and feelings with these ladies got, but with all the LO's they've created and being in the finals- panalo na sila.

Well when the 1st six was called my hubby was already around the corner, I was quite sad when Diane was included on the first six, they were eliminated. But again, Im still happy for her. Then another 3 were called and I saw Cabbie already and Au as well, and of course Tin ( I dont quite know her but her acrylic LO was amazing with that shadow picture of her)!

My hubby miscalled already, a time for me to go, but looking at the 3 whom were called and my bet was there, sabi ko panalo na si Cabbie. I missed the announcement and her speech. Congratulations, you deserve it and knowing it yesterday lang parang nanalo na rin ako hehehe.

Kasi elimination palang ng 30 bet ko na siya eh.

Im happy to be there and I enjoy it a lot. I hope makasali me next time sa idol at makagawa rin me ng amazing LO's like them.

Congratulations to all the winners and to the ladies behind this successful event, you know who are Kudos to all of you- till next Scrapfest!

The Shining Moment Challenge & Idol

After the mini-album we were asked to prepare for the next challenge entitled My shining Moment. Thanks to Ella Go, for helping me print my wedding picture into BW. I actually finished the challenged in a flash, and I did use the requirement of using 2 Ki Memories PPS,but unluckily I did not bag any prize even on the raffle. Huhuhu. Honestly luhaan akong umuwi, ganun pa man masaya me kasi I met Diane M. and Ella Go, I missed Zabeth. actually these are the few people I would chat a lot and help me a lot and somehow help me how to get by in the E-group, but of course not to mentioned the Divas in the likes of Ria, Pia, Iris, Liza, Joanne and Mia- I all met them. These are the few people who would always open to help me out for some of my too elementary questions hehehe- thank you guys! I admire you from a far as in-nahihiya lng me to approach you kasi you guys are already have created names on this hobby.

Here's the LO I made for the Shining Moment Challenge- kasawa nga lang kasi for the past few weeks Ive created 4 different LO of Me -hehehe.

Part 2 on My 1st Scrapfest

Here's the 2nd part of my experience in attending scrapfest and making the mini-album. I actually appreciated Liza B. in helping me how to use the crop-a-dile, I was so excited that I used it here. what nice about this one, my husband wont hear me anymore in may pagpopokpok heheehe. Thanks Liza!

Here's the last few pages, I did the doodling here and the last one just to give highlight to the final page. This is actually an entry to Delmonte Challenge, I did not do much, coz I was doing the mini-album on a per page basis, I cant cope up with the time pressure they gave, but I enjoy it after this is my take home prize naman eh. I already got an inspiration to have this mini-album as my Christmas gift to my Accounting Staff, I actually asked them to give me their best 5 photos for this project. Thanks Scrappin Mom for the inspiration.

So here it goes:

My 1st Scrapfest Oct.6, 2007

I was all excited to attend my very first Scrapfestival, my husband actually brought me there after we had our daily Saturday routine of going to the market and buy our 2 weeklong food. I actually came in late because of that, hehehe. I saw Cabbie and Mia and 2 girls I dont know yet. I think Cabbie recognized me already but I'm quite shy seeing somebody I looked up to very much. She's one of my bet on the Scrappin Mom Idol.

I was assigned on table no. 45 and I was actually seated beside Mel and Pearl and a lady whom Ms. Marian King would approached (Ms. Marian was seated accross our table). We were actually asked to do a "thank you card" and a challenged after that-kaya lng di me nakagawa because I was so engrossed doing the mini-album.

The good thing about this album was the divas (pahiram ng word Ella ha) taught us some techniques on a per page of the mini-book, which I found very exciting. However, I would wish sana they could have it long enough for us Newbies to understand better. Pearl who was with me opted not to do it, she do shop a lot and look around a lot. I like her because she was so generous in giving compliments hehehe di nya alam bago lang rin ako hehehe.

Here's the mini-album which I actually finished at home last Sunday!
to be continued on the next posting!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another LO of me

Here's another LO of me entitled From This Day Forward..
Journal says: My life is change forever, to a life of committment, to love and share a selfless love.
Material use:BG Infuse and embllies