Monday, September 29, 2008

Got Sketch 2

After the sad experienced I just had to pick up pieces were I left up and have to move on...partly my hobby did help me a lot to bounce back and not to brood about it...for the second time I have joined Got Sketch and here are my take on their sketches...there's still 2 sketches to go before it will finally end...

sketch 1

sketch 2

sketch 3

sketch 3 details

sketch 4

sketch 5

sketch 6

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I was finally in pagemap

I'm in the road to recovery and I feel quite happy somehow...kontin lang...when I saw this favorite site of mine...Here

Thanks Ms. Becky Fleck.

I may have lost my precious one...but I gain lots of friends

Yes, been wanting to have a new addition to the family for years...already...after all I'm not getting any younger but we really wanted to have a baby boy...Actually its been twice already since I experienced sort of delayed in my period...unknown to my husband, I would sneak out buying pregnancy test each time I would be delayed just for a day...that was last 6 months ago, after 3 pregnancy test...I failed...after which...another few weeks of delayed and so last August 18, 2008 I tested was weakly positive so I excitedly told my husband about it...counting it I could have been 6 weeks pregnant already...I should not waste my time so I went to my OB after 2.5years and excitedly showed her the result of my frog test...then she said're pregnant and gave me all these usual medicines na pangpakapit...cause of my stressful job and location of work and need lots of those just like with my previous pregnancies.

Then I was so excited to tell my MWG group and my sister friends, but I did not tell my scrapbook friends...want to save it for few weeks though. Then came this call last August 20 from our HK Office that I was advised to work for HK for 2 weeks since my counterpart left after a short stint there...who am I not to obliged...though my husband was quite apprehensive but again we don't have a choice...I might loose my job if I will not heed to their advise...and so I went...I was still part of the idol then for 3 weeks so I packed some stuff for my scrapbooking (why should I not...even if I'm not included...I would still bring some)

I attended first my very 1st time PS-EB and since I really cannot hide my tummy anymore, told some already during the last hour of the event that I am really was expecting,hehehe...and everyone seem so happy for me.

Then when I flew to HK I did not tell my boss about me being pregnant only after a week when the CEO invited me and all the other managers for a welcome dinner party for me, I was asked to drink this beer when I said no and I told them not to be rude about it but merely because I'm pregnant...

Work in HK were more stressful and I was dead homesick already for weeks...I barely slept in the hotel I cant even ate dinner...but I would make myself busy during workdays/daytime so not to feel lonely or sad...but I'm pregnant though...I would hear the heartbeat then so loudly specially when me and my baby were all alone in the I know that he's safe down inside me...

Then came the time that my working schedule was already done I'm really so excited about going home already and see my OB for the scheduled Ultrasound and heartbeat when I arrived I went right away to see my OB...and that was OB was asking me this weird questions and all sort and she said...I'm afraid there's no baby inside the sac...but we'll try next week, maybe there's something wrong with your count then well see from there.

After a week so I went to see my OB again...and so that's it - its finally confirmed...I have an early sign of pregnancy that is weak and its called "blighted ovum"...I was teary eyed then...God knows how much I waited for this time.

Was it my fault, was it because of the time I was away that I did not take care of myself while away and out of the country...did I stress myself so many questions...I dont want to answer it anymore...I only knew that I will not going to have a baby...just yet...but I kept him for 2 weeks still...he was actually almost 3 months then before he was finally taken out.

Now I was quite ashamed of me and I was really so in pain...specially when the day was almost drowning nearer for me to have this D&C (this I really dont know what it stands for) but its basically has something to do in taking out all the signs of the ovum inside my tummy- raspa in our dialect...then it dawned only then on me...the he's really gone...and the questions came again and again...was it me?

I happened to tell two of my scrapbooking friend...I remembered then that they too experienced what I just had...actually they have even they understand what I'm having through. One was so kind enough to ask for prayers...that I couldn't afford...cause don't have them to think what I've been thinking...was it me...and their words were so kind, so endearing, so uplifting, so much love...little did I know that in this group...its not only for the love of the craft that were all together...there's more to it and that's friendship and caring...

I'm in the road to recovery and it's actually quite been easy for their are people who help me carry this burden and inspires me and push me and make me realize...its not all my's never been the mother's fault why such thing has to happen and one message that struck me most...God love us so much and He never meant to hurt us...He will never hurt us...and so there I was so much inspired...crying inside though...the hurt is there...but I'm not in pain anymore...for I know there are people out there who cares for me and understands what I have been through and I feel so love...I may have lost my precious one...yet I again treasures of friends for keeps.

Salamat talaga.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Week 3 of Scrappin Mom's

I was still included on the Week 3 challenge last August 29 with a Theme called a day in the life of someone dear to you...I was really quite feel the pressure was on already, cause I don't have much pictures...good thing with our high technology...i was able to access my home-base PC in our office and pick some pictures that showed movements...that I remember those pictures when Hannah started to walk. She was actually a late bloomer, she walked all by herself when she was already 13th month old - unlike her big sister who started walking before she turn 1.

Luckily I was so privilege that there was one fellow scrappin moms' idol who help me out edit my photos since prior to this week my photo was really not so good...I was so happy and very much thankful...cause actually I dont want to put an impression that I dont take this contest seriously and I would be very unfair to the people behind this contest...they really did a-hell-of-a-job (grabe to the max)- - - up to now, I'm still hands down with them.

Anyway, when the announcement were made for those ladies who made it to the next round week 4, I actually do not feel disappointed at all, honestly, because I already felt honored to be considered on the day 1 when this started...being part of Week 1 to 3- were really such a privilege and I was able also to cope up with homesickness and be able to finished 4 layouts while I was away in Manila.

Hence, it was really fun-filled journey and if given a chance I will still definitely join the ride again...congratulations to Scrappinmoms' undying support for the craft - you really help us hone our talents and congratulations to the mom's who are already winners in their own right...and of course for the one true Idol in the last stretch of this congratulations in advance...(Me-anne:thinking of few names already)- Hehehe...basta aja...aja.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Who will be on for the next round

Actually when the result of the creations made by the MOMs' who made it in the SCRAPPIN MOM'S IDOL CHALLENGE Series the common expression was "jaw-dropping"!!! Yes, its true but I really do feel quite insecure hehehe, because I dont find what I did is okay when this announcement came as to who made it to 2nd week...I was really shocked as in di ko alam kasi I did not expect anymore.

But luckily I'm still in...well I just have to really enjoy it and do have fun...this thing happening now is already a joy ride and really a bonus to me, coz, I'm with the real idols in this craft...

I'm grateful to be part of them...

Actually, last Thursday Aug. 20- I got an advise from our HK office that I'll be having a business trip for 2 weeks. I'll be living this Sunday and be back by Sept. 6. I already told Cookie (My Idol) na I already do not expect myself to be this announcement was really unexpected.

Now my problem is how to pack somethings for my scrapping or ended up visiting one scrap store in HK found in Queens Street....patay ang wallet ko.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I feel so HAPPY and just LUCKY

Wow, this hit me big time too!!! I feel so happy and ecstatic about this announcement and I cannot believe it myself.

See it here.

And more of my surprise is this one, after seeing the layouts of those who participated, I dont think I stand the chance, but I did and it says here.

For the 2nd announcement, that one it makes me shiver running my fingers through the names of those who made it hehehe, well all I can say...I will just have to enjoy it until when...bahala na si batman...hehehhe.

Thank you so much MLA and Valerie and for the people behind the Scrappin Mom's Idol thank you for giving me the chance to experience the challenge.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer Vacation

I love Becky Fleck and I dont want to miss another challenge found in her Pagemap Blog.
Here's my take:

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Altered Clock - Kaya 16

Here's my take on Kaya 16 Altering, my very first in doing it with a clock, at first i;m taken aback and would really have to forego this challenge, but I dont want to miss the chance and good thing a friend of mine will celebrate her birthday.

I want to surprise with something different though she knew already that I do scrapbooking etc and I even ask her to give me her best family photo.

So here it is.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Scrapbook Hawaii and MLA Scrapjam

Last July 6, I have attended this Scrapjam sponsored by Scrapbook Hawaii which I frequent most of the time on line because aside from their stuff are always updated the lady behind the store Ms. Marissa is always accomodating and very sweet. I was so excited meeting her and she was more friendlier and nice and sweet in person. The EB which she and Ms. Nette co sponsored was really a blast, its really worth everything. The fun, the food, the freebies, the huge discounts and the prizes were really something. Truly these two lovely ladies were very generous and kind enough to us scrapbook enthusiast. We truly enjoyed it, here are some of the kit we have done during the mini-classes Ms. Marissa thought us that day including the 1-HR challenged I've made.

Here below was the mini-album we made with the guidance of Ms. Marissa, this was everybody's favorite class I supposed:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sweet Little Girl (MLA 1st Challenge Entry)

Here's my take on MLA's 1st Challenge Entry using Valerie's Sketch below:

And here's my interpretation of this lovely sketch:

Title: Sweet Little Girl

Journaling: Hannah is our sweet little girl, with her charming little face. She laughs with joyful heart and attracts us with her sweet smile! She dances like a butterfly and play like a fish. She is our sweet little girl who keeps us feel so blessed that we have her!!!

Materials Used: Pink CS, BG Sugared Stickers, BG Mellow (Flowers); BG Fruit Cake Pine Branch/Avalanche (Photo mat); WRMK Peasant Bobbin (Layering), Petaloo, Button, Ribbon, Ki Memories Stickers, PC Mon Petit Alpha.

Little Flower

A 30-minute layout created after having my lunch here in the office.\


Brings happiness whenever I see your cute little smile, your tiny little nose, sweet and tiny lips...Your beauty attracts butterflies and birds - Hannah our lovely little flower!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

1 sweet special day

Here's my 1st BG layout this year, I used our 2007 - 1 year old picture.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Clip it Up

My favorite organizer for my emblies and alphas is here. Here come take a look:

And this is my new scrap area, I only use a folding table for and scrap till I drop (hope its true)! I just sneak in during wee hours in the morning, while my hubby and daughters are sleeping at dawn...hehehe.

Sketch from Pagemap New Blog Challenge Entry

Here's my take on pagemap new blog challenge entry using this sketch

Title: Sweet Memories

Journaling: Sweet memories...are those spent with the people you love most, such memories are mark with happy smiles, eyes that speak so much joy and so much love. It is SWEET MEMORIES, indeed!

Materials Used: BG Fruitcake Yuletide/wintermint / BG sultry/vogue, KI Memories Patterned papers and stickers, HS photocorners, petaloo and button

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kaya 15

Here's my entry for Kaya 15, its been a long time since I dropby to update my blog. been busy in the office and cant keep up every Saturday to Scrap since I need to attend to lot of things including Scrap Jam.

We really had a blast and we were so satisfied and happy with all the things Ms. Marissa and Ms. Nette prepared for us... Soon I will write a blog about it.

In the meantime, here it is.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Sketch No. 4

Here's another double pager layout this time with MJ, actually, its too difficult to deal with sibling rivalry between my children. When the other saw a layout being created for her sister, she wanted to have the same too, hahaha. Good thing, our Got Sketch Class has 2 double pager layout, so I made one for my eldest MJ, though she still wanted only her on the picture minus the others, but I dont have a choice but to complement the theme hence, I have some extra on my subject. This is my second time, thanks to VAL and JANNA'S CLASS,TFL!

Sketch No. 3

Here's my long been sketch no. 3 I only have this layout taken today, my husband brought my cam on his business trip, but did not have the chance to take pictures there too (singapore and jakarta, indonesia) So here's my take for Got sketch class, few days left and its gonna be goodbye for them. Btw this is my very first double page layout or spread layout using 2 12x12's (LOL cant even figure out how to call it) TFL!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Buzy Bee Entries

Here are my entries for Buzy Bees, Fancy Pants Challenge!

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sketch No.2 -Got Sketch Class

Here's my take on the 2nd sketch of Val & Janna's Got Sketch Class. I make some twist though, hope I did not ruin it. TFL!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Got Sketch Class

I join Got Sketch Class for 3 weeks with Janna Wilson and Valerie Salmon. I must admit I love it and enjoying it. It actually inspires me a lot to start scrapping again and give me courage to show them what I did- funny iilan lang kaming pinay dun (not to mention si VS) are some of the layouts I did. I took this layout photo inside our bathroom - kaloka ba...well just to give me enough light to support my SLR.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

another mini-album accordion

here's another mini-album accordion i made for our pastoral leader who celebrated her bday last may 31, actually been enjoying doing minis, its easy and i can be able to finished it in 4 hours only...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Mini-Album for my sister

Here's another mini-album - this time for my sister, i made this for her keepsakes while away from home to work.