Saturday, February 21, 2009


another 2-page layout, one thing common with all the most of the layouts i created before i took my hybernations are the same pix of my daughter on their swim wear. purposedly done to preserve this one wonderful time with them.

my little one

hmm...maybe you're wondering how come i have all these layouts yet...i lost my thing to scrap lately...well these were some of those i made even before. these were those layouts that i failed to update on this blog...maybe i thought this could help me pick up from where i left off and back again

with that im happy to show you another layout of my daughter hannah using distress ink... i really dont know how to use it...after buying this ink for a year...its only this time that i have the guts to open and play with it...but i just dont know if i was able to serve its purpose hahaha.

anyway here's my take:

fun time

this layout was inspired from got sketch class which im one of their avid follower. incidentally i failed to show this layout to them. i have fun doing this one, its a random pictures of my favorite subjects - my daughters - wearing their bathing suit away from the pool or even beach...

My Latest LO after my 3-month hybernation

Hi, after 3 months of hybernation I found myself touching again my stuff and a good way to perk up my veins is to join the Kaya Challenge and here's my take: