Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Simply Hannah

These were random pictures of Hannah taken while waiting for our flight going to Boracay. There's a children's nook in MIA were children can spend their time playing and hang around until their plane arrives. Hannah seem to enjoy here, she doesnt know actually why she was taken out from bed so early coz this time around when this pictures were taken, she still asleep. Here the LO. TFL!

My Wish Came True

Finally, I finished my 1st entry to Kaya Challenge, this time following the rules. There are many firsts on this LO, my firsts to used Layering technique with all the 6 BG papers (good time i bought it in Scrapbukan EB's-muntik ko ng bitawan sa sobrang expensive nya). Its actually one of the great finds there. First ko rin gumamit ng one brand of papers with all its editions eto nga yun. Kasi I would mix and match my PPS-thinking about pagtitipid. Its my first to do hidden journalling hehehe, I dont me if i did well. Anyway, I feel good bec. I can finish a LO in a flash,yun lng creativity wise and all sort of techniques still im a work in progress, I'm not yet there, I still feel not too confident about my work, but I'm happy doing every LO, as in.

So here is it.

A Life to a New Journey

Here's a LO, a very LO of me, I actually did this for a challenge, but the challenge I thought of joining would disqualify this one, coz of me not following instructions. Good thing I did not send it yet and good thing I got a bunch of good and well verse scrappers around which help me identify and differentiate which is PPS and which is CS. hehehe newbie kasi eh. Anyways, I took another option of submitting it to another challenge as encouraged by some. Kaya loo and behold ayan na sya...hehehe a LO of me. Dyahe nga eh kasi this picture was taken 5 years ago minus the bellybetbag! I remember my waistline measures 25 then hehehe now...dont ask it pls.

Anyway the picture was taken while waiting for the wedding car to arrive. A close friend of my husband is driving the car and he did having a hardtime getting to Pearl Manila (eto lng afford namin eh) anyway. And there a lot more behind the scene but I wont tell anymore. Hope you like it, TFL.

Friday, September 21, 2007

My Eldest is No. 1 on her class

Just cant help how overjoyed I am, when I heard about my daughter making it on top of her class, she's in Nursery now. Parang nanalo na me ng maraming goodies and best LO for scrapbooking. Actually, they are only less than 10 in the class (har har har)- you might - ah kaya naman pala! Hehehe, its okay hehehe, still my daughter is number 1, she's actually the 2nd youngest in the class, some of her classmates aged 4 yo already. Good thing about it, I seldom teach her, given the hectic sched we have, even on long weekends, and that makes me feel guilty. However, given ample time I would teach her 2 week lessons of her, para makapag handa sya. I'm happy that her retention memory is good. I appreciate her initiative to get her books every now and then, ala lang browsing all over again with all those pictures on it, piling it up, kahit ano ginagawa nya just to make her feel na she's a student and she just love to study. I just hope that she maintain that attitude. Actually I only aim her no. 2, kasi she's been away for more than 1 week when we went for a vacation, and I would tell her sana no. 2 ko ha, and I would buy you watch hehehe. Now pressure na me to buy her watch with all the princess on her fave storybooks, sana me-makita me. Eto tuloy Im greatly overjoyed, di me makawork. Anyway thanks for taking time to read this.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bora Escapade

Heres another picture, what exciting about this trip was Hannah Ist plane ride, and MJ's 2nd plane ride. Actually, puyat at pagod inabot me, kasi nag alaga lang me ng mga anak ko. My daughters are very attached to me, even if I spent most of my hours in the office. I actually learned something out of that experience, ipaamoy at ipasuout ang hinubad na damit ng Papa nila, for my kids to become attached to their father. Hehehe parang totoo noh, anyway wala namang mawawala for me not to try, I already ask their yayas to do it for me. Hmmm, dont know yet, btw these trip took place last Sept. 4-8,2007.

5th Wedding Anniversary in Boracay

My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in Boracay...ops ops ops, its not a 2nd honeymoon of sort hehehe, its actually a celebration with our closest family, our daugthers MJ and Hannah, my mother in law,sister in law and tita. Here are some of the pictures taken in that 5 days escapade.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Quality Time

This picture was actually free from our purchase of diapers of my children. We were given a chance to post and smile on the cam, it was a very abrupt one and I dont have the chance to poweder my nose...kaya nagmamantika ako. I placed this picture on our fridge and I decided for it not to be wasted to have a LO and heres the outcome.

I titled it " Quality Time" the journal says:

Spending time with my daughters MJ and Hannah are times well spent. Each moments are precious gems and flower filled gardens. Full of fun, full of love, full of joy and full of happiness (redundant - hehehe) Such a Quality Time indeed, coz all of us would not realize how time passesby.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This is Hannah, my youngest daughter. She was only 11-month old on this picture. Take before going to bed, she was actually holding her Big Bird Stuff Toy while I took this picture. I didnt realize how lovely her eyes would be the moment I saw this picture, so its but natural instinct for me to have a page layout of her. Hope she'll remember how lovely and blooming she was then.